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Features and benefits

  • The VULCAN-VULCAP RTV-12 handles radial tires from 8.25 X 15 through 1200 X 24.
  • Handles long sidewall repairs and cures both patch and plug at the same time.
  • Repairs tire damage fast with patches up to 10" x 10" (25 cm x 25 cm).
  • Inside Inflatable Mandrel with built-in Shoulder Pressure Pad for applying full pressure to the repair.
  • The RTV-12 Vulcanizer repair process allows the rubber to flow during curing in both the plug area and between the patch and inner lining of the casing to form a dense, sealed repair that will not leak or fail.
  • Full inside and outside heat and pressure provides a better bonding to the casing.
  • When properly cured, the patched area is almost invisible.
  • Built-in thermostatic controls ensure reliable curing temperature and effective patch adhesion.
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  VULCAN-VULCAP RTV-12 Radial Truck Tire Vulcanizer

   All VULCAN-VULCAP Heatpads are built to  and  standards and certified to .