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The tradition of quality, dependability, performance, outstanding cost, and energy efficiency continues with the series of VULCAN-VULCAP MV Section Repair Molds.

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The VULCAN-VULCAP family of patented OTR Vulcanizers, which have recently been developed in addition to our passenger and truck Section Molds, are the most up-to-date Section Repair Molds designed. They are supported with 50 years of Section Mold manufacturing, carrying on the tradition of VULCAN-VULCAP quality equipment. The MV Series will outperform all other equipment now manufactured. U.S. Patents have been issued. The VULCAN-VULCAP MV Series covers the complete range of OTR tires at the lowest cost. Even the latest models of the giant tires will fit in the VULCAN-VULCAP MV-50 Section Molds. They are fast and efficient, a one-man operation in most cases. A repair made in a VULCAN-VULCAP MV Mold can be guaranteed for the life of the tread. There simply is no better and more efficient repair method to guarantee a proper repair consistently every time.

From the MV-20 model designed for tire section repairs of tractors, skidders and graders through the MV-50 model designed for OTR giant tire repair, VULCAN-VULCAP has the full range of products to help keep your customers on the move.







This tire was exhibited at a Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas as the World's largest tire.    As is well known, these giant tires are extremely expensive to manufacture and if they sustain a   major injury, often are scrapped.  VULCAN-VULCAP has the appropriate model of Section Repair   Molds which will enable skilled tire repair people to repair this type of tire with the compression   mold type repair under high pressure generally only possible with genuine VULCAN-VULCAP Section Repair Molds.


  Section Repairing is often the only way to keep millions of dollars worth of equipment running until such time as new tires are available.
The goodwill earned from grateful customers whose equipment is kept running until replacement tires are on order is a valuable asset.
Even with section section repairs on the increase, there are still too many tires disposed of daily that could be repaired and returned to normal service.
This practice is costly to the end-user and not sound environmentally.
There is a lot of mis-conception of the amount of investment required to purchase the proper equipment to do section repairs.
It is surprising how fast section repair molds can be paid for and amortized.
Kettle cure repairs do not last as long as they are not compression molded.  The complete tire has to be heated and kept at vulcanizing temperature which is not good for the tire and also wastes an enormous amount of energy.
To repair today's radial tires distortion free, the VULCAN-VULCAP MV Section Repair Mold with inflatable mandrel systems, will supply:
- correct pressure both inside and outside of the tire.
    - provide even pressure over the injured area.
- heating units for both inside and outside are provided with molded heatpads to allow controlled 
      curing temperatures
for good solid cure.
Time is very critical as rubber cures at different rates.
VULCAN-VULCAP, based on published independent reports, is still the leader on a percentage basis of installed equipment to the independent tire industry.
Result:  Compression mold is achieved in the VULCAN-VULCAP Section Mold with adhesion values exceeding 100 between patch and tire due to pressure applied during curing.
During proper curing, materials will flow, air pockets are eliminated and when the tire flexes and heats up during operation, there will be no tendency for the patch to fail, leak or cause under-inflation.
In the VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcanizer, the patch and plug are cured in a single operation.
Large injury areas can usually be properly cured in a single operation at one time.

All VULCAN-VULCAP Heatpads are built to  and  standards and certified to .