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OTR Section Repair Molds

with Thermocouple Heatpads 



This very ruggedly built Section Repair Mold is no longer being manufactured but is well liked by OTR Tire Repair Shops that have used them for many years. 


Rebuilt VULCAN-VULCAP V37.5 Section Repair Mold with Thermocouple Heatpads and Vulcatouch® Control System


The combination of heat and pressure on both sides of the tire assures maximum patch adhesion.

Internal and external heat together with air bag pressure, shortens the cycle and increases productivity.

Handles a complete range of tires from 21.00 x 24 to 37.5 x 51.

Mold design provides for concentration of heat on repair area.  Reduces energy consumption with minimal heat loss.

 Thermocouple Heatpads controlled by the PLC based Vulcatouch® Control System provide reliable curing temperatures.




70 p.s.i. (485 kpa)


230 Volts (30 amps)


21.00 x 24
to 37.5 x 51


36” x 36” (91 m x 91 cm)


2 mins. per 1/32” (0.8 mm) depending on type of rubber


21” to 44” (53 cm to 112 cm)


34” (86 cm)


39” (99 cm)


43” x 69” x 66” high


(109 cm x 175 cm x 168 cm  high)
3600 lbs (1636 kg)

VULCAN-VULCAP V37.5 Section Repair Molds previously were supplied with a Mechanical Air and Time Control System and with Heatpads controlled by internal built-in Thermostats.

Due to the future unavailability of internally built in Thermostats, we will rebuilt any older models of VULCAN-VULCAP Section Repair Molds and convert them to Thermocouple controlled Heatpads.  These Section Repair Molds can now be retrofitted with Thermocouple Heatpads which are externally controlled by a state-of-the-art Control System as described below:


Vulcatouch®  OTR Control System for  VULCAN-VULCAP  
OTR Tire Section Repair Mold

VULCAN-VULCAP Industries Inc. is now offering our time proven and reliable OTR Section Repair Molds with the latest development in control technology for the curing of repairs on OTR tires.  This is a PLC based Control System with many advanced safety features and data logging capabilities.  Reliable PLCs have long been utilized in automobile engines, robots and production machinery.  Now VULCAN-VULCAP has developed an easy to use control system using a reliable PLC.  This technology with a full colour touch screen, thus the name Vulcatouch®, is custom programmed to perform and monitor your OTR repair vulcanizing cycle.


Features of the Vulcatouch® OTR Control System:



Easy to operate 8” full colour touch screen as operator interface.  Can also simultaneously be remotely displayed on PC via Ethernet.
    Curing temperature, pressure and curing time settings are done with a touch of a finger tip.
    Ability to attach 2 additional auxiliary thermocouples for extra monitoring of temperatures during the curing of the repair.
    Digital temperature controls and display of Inside and Outside Heatpads plus amperage indicators.
    Automatic control of Inside/Outside Airbag pressure.
    Audio Alarm – Continuous beep to indicate overheating.  Machine will shut off power to Headpads. 
    Audio Alarm – Continuous beep to indicate excessive air pressure in Airbags.  Machine will exhaust air until set air pressure is reached.
    Audio Alarm if one or both Heatpads malfunction at beginning or during cycle.
    Audio signal - Intermittent beeps to indicate end of curing cycle.
    Automatic storage of alarm history.
    Main control screen indicates curing time remaining.
    Data logging screen and data storage.  System will store automatically each curing cycle date, time, temperature and pressure.
    Ability to add tire number, tire size and customer name to data logging screen, thus providing repair history for each tire.
    All stored data can easily be downloaded via memory stick into an Excel Spreadsheet to a PC for further analysis and record keeping. 
  (Click here for Template of Excel Spreadsheet to download Repair Data to a PC from Memory Stick!)  
    Remote access capabilities.  VULCAN-VULCAP Technicians can remotely connect to your system via internet should you encounter 
operational questions.
    System measurements and indicators can easily be switched from English to Metric, touching appropriate button.


Description of Main Screen for  Vulcatouch® OTR
PLC Based Control System Panel








Actual Temperature for 2 Optional Auxiliary Thermocouples for extra monitoring of curing temperatures.


Time set for length of curing.


Time remaining for cure.


For each Airbag actual pressure (cylinder, inside and outside).


Actual Temperature (PV – Process Value) for each Heatpad.


Set temperature (SP – Setpoint) for each Heatpad.


Amperage Drawn for each Heatpad while heating.


Centre Diagram.  Respective Heatpad will flash yellow when power for heating is drawn.


Alarm reset, start cycle and stop cycle buttons


Button Bar to access 6 sub screens.


Front view of VULCAN-VULCAP 
V37.5 Section Repair Mold

Right front view



Left view of Cylinder Air Mandrel, Inside 
Airbag and Inside Thermocouple Heatpad

Right side view of Cylinder Airbag, Inside Airbag 
and Inside Thermocouple Heatpad



Close up of Vulcatouch® Control Panel

Close-up of Heatpad and Auxilliary Thermocouple Connections



Close-up of USB
and Internet Port

Close up of Auxilliary Thermocouple Connections to monitor actual patch  cure temperature

Close up of Main Power Connection and Heatpad Power Connections





Features and benefits

    Thumbnail (click to enlarge)
    VULCAN-VULCAP MV-40 Section Repair Mold
  • Designed for O.T.R. Equipment tire repair.
  • Handles tire sizes from 27.00 x 49 through 37.5 x 33.
  • Handles up to 30" x 30" (76cm x 76cm) patch.
  • Built-in Automatic Differential Control and Heatpad cures plug and patch simultaneously.
  • The Vulcanizer repair process allows the rubber to flow during curing in both the plug area and between the patch and inner lining of the casing to form a dense, sealed repair that will not leak or fail.
  • Zero distortion on radial and bias ply tires.
  • Rugged low profile, self standing design, 40" (102 cm) High Tensile Expandable Steel Shell Cavity simplifies tire loading and unloading, maximizes stability.
  • Outside Heatpad conforms to tire profile.
    VULCAN-VULCAP MV-40 Cross Section Thumbnail (click to enlarge)
  • No time consuming, tensioning straps required to secure tire for curing process.
  • Available in Electric or Steam configuration and requires only 45 psi to produce maximum adhesion of patch to casing
  • Fast cost and energy efficient cures.
  • 400 cure hour or 6 month warranty on parts and Heatpads.
  • Total pressure at 40,500 lbs is applied on maximum patch size to produce a dense compression cure that will outlast any open steam cure.




Designed for O.T.R. Equipment Tire Repair



This new Section Mold is essentially the same MV-40 Mold featured above but easily adjusts to 3 basic widths.

Features and benefits                                


                                                           New Features


 This latest model of our OTR  Section Mold family allows the operator to quickly set up for 3 basic widths in order to easily accommodate various tire sizes.  This eliminates the use of bulky filler pads.  It also saves time and considerably shortens set-up.


·          Rugged design is easy to transport
·          Permanent Outside Air Bag and Heat Pad.
·          No time consuming, tedious straps required.
·          Built-in Automatic Air Differential Control.
·          Self Standing design for maximum stability.
·          40" (102 cm) Steel Shell expandable Cavity.
·          Cures Plug/Patch simultaneously.
·          Handles up to 30" x 30" (76 cm x 76 cm) patch.
·          400 hour Warranty on parts and Heat Pads.
·          Available in 220V, single phase, 25 amps, Electric only or Steam configuration.
·          Requires only 45 psi Curing pressure.
·          Zero distortion on Radial or Bias Ply tires.
·          Pressure and Heat for maximum adhesion of patch to casing
·          Cost and energy efficient

Handles tire sizes from 27.00 x 49 to 37.5 -51 or Tire Cross Section of minimum 27" to 
maximum 45".


This new generation of VULCAN-VULCAP Section Repair Molds are light-weight and cost-effective.  If proper procedures are followed, repaired injuries can be guaranteed for the life of the tire.  The repair is a true vulcanizing repair, where the rubber flows during curing both in the plug area and between the patch and inner casing liner.  This is not the case with chemical pre-cured patch repairs.  All VULCAN-VULCAP models of Section Repair Molds are patented and are the result of over 50 years of successful research and development for the independent tire repair and tire retread industry.



VULCAN-VULCAP MV-40A Section Repair Mold


All VULCAN-VULCAP Heatpads are built to  and  standards and certified to .


   End and side view of MV-40A

              End-view of MV-40A

           Close up view of Top Clamp



 A new and easy Method to protect Heatpads when
curing Repairs in OTR Tires


The Problem

Taking the time to correctly fill in the voids of an OTR tire will extend the life of your Heatpad.

When the lug voids of the tread design are not filled in properly, the Heatpad is distorted when pushed into the voids by the pressure of the Airbag.  The Heating Element inside the Heatpad is then damaged and may cause the Heatpad to overheat.  This can result in a fire starting in the tire.

In the case of strap type curing systems, it can also damage the thermocouple sensor wires.


There are a few different ways in which to fill in the tread voids:

(1)        Plaster of Paris - this is a good procedure to use but is very messy and time consuming.

(2)        Aluminum foil - this is easy to use but very often not enough tin foil is used.  The void looks like it has been 
   filled but when air pressure is applied, the foil compresses into the tread void and the heatpad then becomes distorted.

(3)        Other types of fillers - these are always messy.

The Best Solution

VULCAN-VULCAP’s new Silica Sand filled Tread Lug Filler Bags are the best alternative to the above.

§         The Silica Sand is very fine and allows the sandbags to take the shape of the tread void.

§         The Tread Lug Filler Bags come in sets of 20 bags in various sizes.

§         We realize that this may not cover all the different size Lug Void Configurations, therefore additional bags can be made to customer specifications.

Please note:  Heatpads that fail because Tread Voids are not filled in properly are not covered under Warranty as the sharp Tread Edges destroy the Heating Elements!


Below are pictures of VULCAN-VULCAP Heatpads that were used and damaged beyond repair due to failure of using lug fillers.  This damages the Heatpads unnecessarily and is not covered under warranty.  It is very important to avoid this kind of costly mistake!