December 2016


To all our valued Customers and Friends:


As the Christmas season approaches and yet another year is coming to an end, we are reminded how much we owe our success to you, our valued customers and friends.  Everybody usually looks forward to the Christmas holiday to relax and celebrate.  It is our desire to continue building lasting relationships with people we interact with on a regular basis.  We also want to do our very best to continue to design and build the finest tire repair equipment available to the Tire Service Industry.  We want to continue to build our track record for quality, innovation and prompt reaction to our customers’ needs.


We have served this industry for over 7 decades and are determined to continue to do so.  Our website, continues to change.  We feature our advanced PLC based Vulcatouch® Controls for Vulcaflex® OTR and Truck & Tractor Tire Repair Systems which are becoming more popular due to ease of operation and many safety features not possible on conventional electro mechanical controls. 


The Christmas season is a welcome break from the pressures of everyday business, a time to spend with family and friends, an especially good time to count our blessings, an appropriate time to say “thank you so much” to our many good customers and friends.  We do appreciate you.


On behalf of all of us at VULCAN-VULCAP Industries, thank you for the opportunity of serving you in the past.  We all wish you a healthy and productive 2017, and hope that VULCAN-VULCAP equipment will continue to contribute to the success of your company.  May happiness and God’s richest blessings be with you in the New Year.


Best wishes from all of us,






Heinz W. Haischt    












This year VULCAN-VULCAP Industries Inc. for the first time attended the Northern Mines Expo in order to reach the mining companies and to demonstrate our advanced VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System with Vulcatouch® Controls. 

This was a big event, since this year was the 100 year celebration of Timmins and Mining. This Expo is quickly becoming the premiere mining show in Northern Ontario.  Mining is a large part of Timmins and this is why the Northern Mines and Exploration Expo was taking place there this year.


Our booth at Northern Mines Expo exhibiting the VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex®OTR Tire Repair System 
with PLC based
Vulcatouch®  Control



Front view of VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System with Vulcatouch® Control



Close-up of VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® System as demonstrated at the Show by one of our customers




Injury is being prepared for vulcanizing repair with VULCAN-VULCAP OTR Vulcaflex® Tire Repair System



Preparation of injury is complete, cushion gum and repair patch will be applied and OTR tire is then ready 
to be set up in
VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System for curing/vulcanization








This is one of the largest mining shows in the world exhibiting equipment used in the mining industry.  The XII International Congress featured meetings between Government representatives, private sector companies, exhibitors, academics and professionals.  They discussed the present state of the mining industry, technological innovations as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by mining in the next decade.

Mining is a very important industry in Chile.  Canada, who is one of the leading countries for mining equipment and innovation was well represented with the many exhibition stands in the CAMESE (Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export) pavilion.

Considering this opportunity and also due to the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Canada,  VULCAN-VULCAP for the first time participated in an Expo focused on the mining industry in order to introduce and demonstrate our advanced PLC based Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Vulcanizing Repair System with Vulcatouch®  Touchscreen.

Reliable giant tire repairs at mining sites are easily accomplished with the Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Section Repair System with Vulcatouch® Control System.  This System offers many safety features as well as data collection with repair profiles, not possible with conventional electro-mechanical control systems.



Close-up of Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System with Vulcatouch® Control 


Close-up of Tire with Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System






This giant tire can be quickly and efficiently repaired at the mine site with the   
Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Vulcanizing Repair System with  Vulcatouch® Control


Close-up of giant Tire on large Mining Truck


Mining Trucks have increased considerably over the years requiring giant Tires that need to be 
repaired at site to save costs and minimize down time of this expensive equipment.







The second Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo recently concluded at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, Republic of  Panama.  More than one thousand six hundred tire dealers visited the expo from 56 countries and more than 2,100 participated in the Expo with over 100 exhibitors.  The Honorable Minister of Tourism of Panama, Mr. Salomon Shama presided over the inaugural event which included a wonderful party for all exhibitors and visitors.

The inaugural festivities were a celebration of Panamanian music, culture and food.  The guest of honor was Mr. Yan Zhongxue Director of the China Tyre Process and Control Engineering Research Center.

VULCAN-VULCAP Industries again participated at this important exhibition together with our West Coast Distributor, International Tire Repair Solutions.

Our staff exhibited and demonstrated our latest VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair System with the advanced Vulcatouch® PLC based, easy to operate Control Panel.  This system will repair Truck and Tractor Tires from 8.25 to 12.00 x 24, Tractor to 17.5 x 25 as well as larger tires up to 23.5



Quiere controlar su proceso de reparación con la punta del dedo? 

Usa VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® Sistema de Reparación con el último control de sistema Vulcatouch®!











Overview of Exhibit showing Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Repair System with Vulcatouch® Control 
and also
VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® Basic Digital Thermocouple Heatpad Control Panel


The Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair System with advanced and easy to 
Vulcatouch® Control


Close-up of Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair System


Side View Close-up of Vulcatouch® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair System


Close-up of Set-up of
Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair System with Vulcatouch®  
Control on section cut of a Truck Tire





autopromotec Exhibition, Bologna, Italy, May 25-29, 2011


VULCAN-VULCAP Industries again, together with our Italian distributor AllTech, has attended this important European exhibition which features the tire industry, the tire repair industry and everything to do with automotive.  This large exhibition takes place every 2 years.  This year it recorded over 103,000 registered visitors who participated.  63% came from Europe and 37% of the visitors attending came from all over the world.

VULCAN-VULCAP Industries introduced our recently developed Vulcaflex® Truck and Tractor Tire Repair System with advanced Vulcatouch® Control System as featured on our website under  Vulcaflex® Truck and Tractor Tire Repair System. 


VULCAN crew with staff from our Italian distributor AllTech


         Front view of Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair
System with Vulcatouch® Control

    Side view of Vulcaflex® Truck & Tractor Tire Repair System with Vulcatouch® Control on Exhibit



Side view of Exhibit

Front/Side view of Exhibit







VULCAN-VULCAP Industries is pleased to report that together with our Canadian West Coast Distributor, International Tire Repair Solutions Inc., our company exhibited our latest Vulcaflex®/Vulcatouch® OTR Tire Repair System at the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2010 in Panama City from  July 08-11, 2010.

For years, Latin American & Caribbean Tyre professionals had to travel long distances at great expense to meet potential suppliers in North American, European and Asian Tire and Rubber Expo Venues.  The Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo brought the exhibitors to the Latin American market thus meeting their needs to see the latest tire repair equipment and methods.

Below are pictures taken of the International Tire Repair Solutions Inc. booth with
VULCAN-VULCAP Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair equipment with Vulcatouch® Controls that was shown and demonstrated at this important Tire Expo.






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